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Bert Oudendijk

Every person is unique, every company is unique. The product, the service, the people or the culture. It is not any different for a situation that is about interim management or advice. Every situation requires a unique and decisive approach. Listening, keep asking questions and remaining critical.

M&O Scope offers that approach.

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Field of activity

M&O Scope is active in the sector of the industry (metal, synthetics, electrics).


  • Director MKB companies
  • Reorganisations
  • restructuring
  • Operational management


  • Strategy development
  • Coaching
  • Conflict solving



With great care, a good order formulation is established.

M&O Scope interim management places the right man or woman at the right place.

Our procedure is focused on an optimal “fit” between customer and interim manager. The order has a suitable approach within a determined timeframe to the targeted goal. The greatest possible care is given to this. As soon as the organisation is back on track again with sufficient security, the interim manager gives back the helm again.

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Bert Oudendijk (MBA)

If you have questions or do you recognize what is written here, please contact Bert Oudendijk, phone +31 (0) 546 567430 or mobile +31 (0) 622027282.

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Member NVIM (Dutch Association of Interim Managers)

Menber DDIM (Dachgesellschaft Deutsches Interim Management)