Organisation advice

organisatie advies

M&O Scope is an independent organisation consultancy that performs advice orders for the trade and industry, service provisioning companies and establishments. Developments on the discipline are continuously followed. This has to be done in order to reach qualitative good advice work.

The activities take place at the following areas.

General Management

  • Professionalization director and management
    (guidance, coaching, training, policy)
  • Determining primary process
    (lean thinking, eliminating waste)
  • Communication
  • Strategy development
    (mission, vision SWOT analysis)
  • Change management
    (culture, customer-focused thinking, quality awareness)

Operational production and logistics

  • Optimizing production processes
    (efficiency improvement, completion time reduction)
  • Restructuring
  • Project management

Human Resource Management

  • Result-focused coaching
  • Assessment systems
  • Support at recruitment and selection
  • Mediation

Organisation development and training (director and/or MT)

  • Team training
  • Personal effectiveness
  • Leadership


  • Positioning in the market
  • Dealing with the media

The italicized stated subjects are performed in cooperation with relations of M&O Scope.



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