A Commissioner mastered skills, competencies and a network that should help the company develop further. Integrity and confidentiality are obvious. A commissioner also has to dare challenge the director and management by delivering added value and daring to set clear requirements.

Reasons for the appointing of a commissioner could be:

  • Thinking with the development of strategies, investments and management
  • Director and organisation are in need of a sparring-partner, sounding board
  • Someone who looks over one’s shoulder
  • Advice is needed
  • Continuity needs to be guarded and secured
  • Actually for everything that takes place in an organisation

An adequate personality that feels at home in his role as commissioner is important to support the director and the management with all kinds of subjects related to the operational management. There has to be the right fit. Complexity of matters has increased considerably over the last years. It is almost impossible to know and control everything as a director.

With a commissioner, an organisation has an advisor who is always available to support the director and the management in an integer and competent way, against relatively low costs. For the skilled performing of a commissionership, it is important to carry the baggage for that. Therefore, it was important for me to join the commissionership cycle at Nyenrode.



Bert Oudendijk

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