Transformation management

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It is often thought that the change of the (top)structure of a company is sufficient for a successful transformation. If a company is at a dead end, put a new man in and the problems will solve themselves. We wish that was true! Companies repeatedly fail completely because they are searching for the solution in the change of (top)structures, while nothing essential changes at that time. Transformation management learns you that not only rational and technical processes are of importance in the steering of organisations, but also that other skills have a large added value with the realizing of the organisation goals. For example how you can increase your influence without using power means, and you how can shape developments to actually realize these. Realizing real changes requires inner persuasion and to be inspiring towards your environment. That means, for one, that the use of your emotional skills (EQ) will be just as important as your rational qualities (IQ). Your emotional skills namely determine the personal influence you have, separately from the hierarchic structure. Emotional skills are of importance to understand cooperation processes, due to this it becomes possible to cooperate more productively.

The activities of M&O Scope are focused on the guidance of change and improvement projects. The emphasis is on guidance here, because managers in an organisation will eventually act as change manager in the often changing circumstances. Or under surveillance of an interim / transformation manager. It is especially about acting! Changes and improvements in companies are carried through in an effective way. No matter whether it is about radical changes (in company goals, vision, strategy, policy), about changes in the current processes or about the cooperation between individuals or teams, a transformation manager offers the solution for these situations.

For every transformation, the start is of vital importance. An organisation is a complex collaboration. This approach at least needs an objective measuring rod that gives continuous insight in the progress and the effects of the interventions. Goal of a course is to gradually transfer an organisation to the new desired situation as quick as possible, dependant of the circumstances.



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